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The Inner Dance is open to anyone who is willing to trust the process.

In this process, there is no right or wrong, good or bad. There is nothing you have to do. Transformation takes place from within your state of Being.

The Inner Dance process begins with our power to perceive reality as it is - as a Wholeness. From within the deep reaches of consciousness we expand perceptive fields of observation and collective attributes of the mind that perceive parts of reality through the truth of nature as energy, vibratory expression and fluid meaning. The Inner Dance process peels away layers of limitation and stagnation that build up over time, through traumatic experiences, or within deeply rooted conditionings. We then see what is beneath all the systems of thought that veil the actual consciousness of our hearts as this process of Trust takes us to inner spaces of intuition and choice where shadows and unknowns unfold and the essence of Being emerges.

To bring the innerdance into experience takes a day, an hour, or just a second. To bring the inner dance energy into context happens in the infinite creative forces we call time-space. It is always learning, always shifting, always discovering. It often feels like a baby that has just awoken into the blank page; a newness that doesn't stop experiencing the unexpected.

Inner Dance celebrates what has emerged in so many courageous beings that have ventured into the unknown depths of Who We Are. We are ALL teachers, through experience and demonstration, as well as co-learners in this classroom called the universe.

Anyone interested in healing and experiencing the infinite within is welcome.

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